One of the most unsettling aspects of aging to an elderly person is the possibility that they could lose decision-making ability or be unable to care for themselves.  This situation could also be devastating to the senior’s loved ones, but if it does happen—perhaps through dementia or Alzheimer’s—a qualified and caring attorney can help the family maintain the elderly person’s dignity as well as protect his or her rights and assets.

Why would a guardianship be necessary?
If a person becomes incapacitated due to physical or psychiatric reasons, they need someone else to make financial and health related decisions on their behalf. This person, assigned by the court, is known as the guardian. The person who qualifies for the guardianship is known as the incapacitated person.
Guardianship is a legal remedy designed to protect both infants and adults whose functional limitations prevent them from making their own decisions by having a guardian appointed to act in their best interest. A guardianship provides continuing care and management to those who need help with certain personal and financial matters.
We have worked with many families whose loved ones cannot care for themselves due to developmental disabilities, disease, or injury. We are sensitive to the emotional distress of those called upon to seek guardianship and our attorneys recognize that this responsibility can be made more difficult by conflicting emotions and a complicated judicial process. We have the resources, understanding, and knowledge to guide you in your quest to protect the well-being of your family members who cannot care for themselves.