Health Care Proxies

The Health Care Proxy is a legally binding document that can be executed without involving the court, making it a powerful, timely, and effective solution for families who find themselves with difficult medical decisions to make involving loved ones.
The Health Care Proxy names a trusted person as Health Care Agent.  The Health Care Agent is the person who will implement any and all health care wishes and decisions should an individual become unable to make them on their own.
The Health Care Proxy is a creative tool used by individuals establishing their “life plan.” This important legal document eliminates confusion and misunderstandings regarding medical decisions and keeps the patient’s choices the top priority, critical when communication becomes impossible.
Rather than viewing this document as a sign of dependence, Marguerite A. Fiore explains to clients that a Health Care Proxy shows extraordinary foresight and good sense. It also avoids the need for extreme legal measures like a guardianship.
Health Care Proxies and Health Care Agents can be changed or cancelled at any time, as long as the patient is able to make sound decisions.