When a dispute arises, you need to take swift legal action to ensure that the dispute does not disrupt your life and your business.
Fiore Law Firm, P.C. provides responsive, solutions-oriented, cost-effective representation in the areas of business/commercial litigation, real estate litigation, estate litigation, collection litigation and condominium/homeowners association litigation. Our goal is to get you back on track with a favorable resolution in your hands. While a breach of contract dispute, partnership dispute or other type of dispute can be resolved in court, our firm recognizes the high cost of litigation to an ongoing business and strives to reach desirable negotiated settlements outside the courtroom.

Business and Commercial Litigation
In the course of your business’s life, disputes will arise with business partners, customers or service providers. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors face diverse and unique challenges to profitability, including access to market share, supply, and labor. The examples are many: key employees leave, taking confidential information, only to begin competing against their former employer; partners decide to go their own way; or customers refuse payment based on quality or warranty issues. We believe that for today’s business owners, predictability and the ability to plan ahead are more important than ever before. Legal disputes can quickly threaten the success of any enterprise, and owners deserve focused, results-driven legal help to swiftly resolve disputes in their favor.
Our firm represents organizations involved in a wide range of conflicts, including: breach of contract claims, judicial dissolutions, and contractor/subcontractor disputes.

Real Estate Litigation- Foreclosures and Partition Actions
Often, owning a home or vacation property represents a client’s single greatest investment. From time to time, serious disputes arise which adversely affect the use or value of that asset, including sales contract disputes, easement and boundary line claims, unresolved lien issues, and other title problems.
Fiore Law Firm, P.C. has experience in resolving these and other real estate disputes. We have represented businesses, individuals, condominiums, and homeowners associations in all kinds of real estate disputes, including foreclosures and partition actions.

Estate and Wills Dispute Litigation
In New York, Surrogate’s Court is the Court which resolves disputes involving a disposition of a decedent’s property and claims against the decedent’s Estate. Normally, a decedent’s property is distributed without incident under the terms of a Will or, if there was no Will, as the law requires. Surrogate’s Court will oversee trials and other contested hearings involving, for example, whether a Will was properly executed, or is genuine (“Will contest”), whether a particular person should inherit property, and whether an Estate representative acted properly in administering the decedent’s Estate.
Fiore Law Firm, P.C. has experience appearing before the Surrogate in Richmond, Kings and New York Counties.

Collection Litigation
Often, securing a money judgment against a debtor is only the first step in “getting paid.” Many times, creditors will face special challenges in the collection of a money judgment based upon a debtor’s filing of bankruptcy or a debtor’s actions to defraud his or her creditors by hiding or giving away assets.
We represent individuals, businesses, and lenders in all phases of judgment enforcement, including foreclosures.

Condominum Litigation
Fiore Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience representing condominiums, co-ops, homeowners’ associations, individual owners and owner’s groups in a wide variety of legal actions to enforce their association rules, rights, and responsibilities.  Given the complex nature of the laws and cases affecting condominiums, you need a lawyer experienced in the nuances of condominium law to advocate on your behalf.  Fiore Law Firm, P.C. is experienced in litigating on behalf of associations, individual condominium owners and homeowners in various challenges.